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A family affair
A Family Business
At Feet First in Norfolk, England, we are a family-owned business serving Norfolk, England since 2000. We offer a wide range of services to meet a number of individual needs

Podiatry and Foot Health Professional services
We specialize in nail cutting, nail reconstruction, callus removal (hard skin), corn removal, and ingrown toenail treatments, as well as heel and arch pain treatments using insoles and orthotics. We also conduct diabetic foot assessments and offer a variety of additional chiropody services.
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Shockwave therapy treatment
Shockwave Therapy
Now offering the all new shock wave therapy by Sam Applegate BSc (Hons)DR. This treatment is highly effective in treating joint and muscular pain such as frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis and knee pain. This is a new cutting edge treatment which has had a copious amount of positive reviews throughout the medical field. 

Nail Reconstruction
Our professional team reconstructs missing or malformed nails caused by a
variety of problems, so you can proudly show off your feet once more. We also offer
nail polish, gel and acrylics.
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Holistic Treatments
Holistic Treatments   
We provide neck and back massages that incorporate aromatherapy, Reiki, and Hopi ear candling, as well as acupuncture, Indian head massage, reflexology, and remedial and sports massages.

Mobile Services 
We offer home visiting services for the elderly and physically challenged who have difficulty coming to our clinic.

Products Available 
We sell Insoles orthotics, foot creams, files, shoe horns, pads, files and verruca treatments. 

Our Team
Our husband and wife team includes:

Mr. G. Ebanks BSc (Hons) HCPC Registered Podiatrist  – Head Podiatrist 
Mr. Ebanks graduated from the Westminster University in London.

Mrs. B. Ebanks -- Manager and Medical Foot Care Practitioner 
Mrs. Ebanks holds a postgraduate in business studies from East London University and also undertook a foot care diploma course. 

Edward Ebanks BSc (Hons) HCPC Registered Podiatrist  – Following in the Family Business 
The Ebanks’ son, Edward, is also a podiatrist, who joined our business in 2011, after graduating with a BSc. podiatry degree and a local anaesthetic certificate. This allows him to perform more invasive procedures such as nail surgery for the permanent removal of ingrown toenails. 

Jane Ebanks – Medical Foot Health Practitioner 
Edwards wife who has also joined the family business and is a fully qualified Foot Health Professional. 

Debbie Newson- Medical Foot Health Practitioner
Fully qualified Foot Health Professional and nurse with over 10 years of experience in the private foot care field. 

Julie Haylett- Medical Foot Health Practitioner 
Recently qualified by Feet First Foot & Health Clinic Julie is a fully qualified Foot Health Professional with decades nursing experience.

Carole Nichols- Nail reconstruction therapist
Carole is nail reconstruction therapist who specialises in painting and applying gel nails and is also providing nail reconstruction for damaged and fungal nails.

Dr. Jenny Hong – In-House Acupuncturist 
Dr. Hong specialises in acupuncture and deep tissue massages for back, hip, neck, and knee pain. Dr Jenny Men Hong is a graduate from the prestigious Beijing Medical University in China and has over 23 years of postgraduate clinical and teaching experience. 

Sam Applegate- Shock Wave Therapist
Sam is radiographer who is now specialising in shock wave therapy, and treats a multitude of soft tissue injuries including heel, knee, hip and shoulder pain, with the latest non-invasive techniques available. Sam has proven to have an over 90% Success rate with this new therapy. 

Carole Reeve- Holistic specialist
Carole specialises in Hopi ear candling and alternative therapies such as reiki.

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