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Whether you are diabetic or not your feet are very important and should be assessed and maintained at least once a year. But why?
Our feet are continuously used all day every day, and undergo a range of stress, which can lead to pain, discomfort and infections!  

At feet first, we believe not only in treating foot conditions, but doing our best in prevention as well. We also provided a home visiting service for patients who find it difficult to attend the practice.  
Chiropody clinic treatment chair

We specialise and provide a full range of assessments and treatments as follows; 
Full vascular and neurological foot assessments
For all new patients attending the practice we always provide a full vascular and neurological assessment to ensure that blood supply and sensation to the foot is adequate. This is vital for limb function, nail growth, wound prevention, wound healing and combating infections.
Carrying out a foot assessment

nail cutting service
Nail Cutting service
For patients who find it difficult cutting their own nails, we provide basic
nail cutting and filing using sterile instruments.

In-growing Toenail Management
Usually caused be trauma, footwear or inheritance in-growing toenails can be very painful. Managing in-growing toe nails provides relief by either carefully clipping an adequate offending shard of nail from the side of the toe, providing instant relief. Or by nail packing where sterile gauze is gently placed under the shard of offending nail preventing it from ingrowing further.

These methods can resolve in-growing toenails, or at least provide relief for up to 2-3 months, however in some instances as the nail grows back it in-grows again. In cases like this, individuals may opt for a more permanent solution such as nail surgery.
nail cutting service

nail surgery
Nail Surgery
Nail surgery is reserved for patients with in-growing toe nails that are always reoccurring, repetitively getting infected, or the patient is simply looking for a permanent resolution. Nail surgery is conducted under a local anaesthetic so the patient feels nothing during the procedure. The offending piece of nail is carefully removed, including the base from which it grows from. A chemical is then applied to the area where the nail grows from which neutralises the cells, stops that sharp shard of nail from ever growing again.

Callus (hard skin) Reduction
 Hard skin forms due to mechanical stressors that our feet endure from walking, standing running. If enough hard skin grows and becomes thick enough, it can be very irritating and painful. All our practitioners are skilled with callus reduction using sterile instruments and being careful not to overreduce, ensuring your feet feel nice and soft as if you were walking on air.
Hard skin removal

Corn management
Corn Management
Corns are basically small masses of dense hard skin with a core. Commonly occurring on the tops of toes, in between toes and the ball of the foot. Like hard skin our practitioners carefully reduce and remove the corn providing instant relief from pain. In some cases, padding or silicone devices may be used to take pressure away from the area to prevent the corn from coming back.

Cracked Heel Management
Cracked heels occur due to dryness and thick layers of skin forming around the heel. Our practitioners remove any thick layers of hard skin to prevent further cracking and smooth out any existing splits. Some splits may require dressings if too deep. This is to help the skin knit back together. Advice on specialist creams and self-management is also given to help prevent further splitting in the future.
Cracked heel management

Heel, General Foot Pain & Orthotics
Heel pain and general foot pain can be due to a wide variety of causes such as trauma, joint deformity, nerve entrapment, arthritis, poor walking posture, flat feet and high arches. We have two state registered podiatrist who are experts and specialise in these types of conditions diagnosing the cause and the treatment path necessary. In most cases treatment involves a prescription of stretches and insole therapy to correct and protect foot posture.
insoles image
Our feet are the foundations and natural shock absorbers of the body, helping to propel our bodyweight forward via the thousands of steps we take each day. What our feet feel and do, can affect everything else up our body’s locomotory chain from our ankles and knees right the way through our hips to our spine, neck and shoulders.

Therefore, when our feet become imbalanced, for example, by foot deformities such as dropped arches or even excessively high arches, then other areas of the body start to feel abnormal stress and strain as tendons, ligaments and muscles start to become overloaded with our body weight. This will then lead to acute/chronic pain, fatigue and decreased performance at sports and other activities and hobbies.

The good news is that most foot imbalances can be corrected with our prescription orthotics. Orthotics are specialist devices which insert into the shoes and help re-balance structural foot deformities thereby reducing or eliminating these abnormal stresses.

Our prescription orthotics are used to treat a variety of foot problems ranging from heel and arch pain, hammer toes and bunions and even excessive callus formation. They are also used for ankle knee and hip pain because as mentioned before our feet are the foundation of our bodies and what affects us at the base has a knock-on effect in
to other areas.

You may wish to consider prescription orthotics if you have any of the following issues;
· Aching feet
· Pain in back, hips, knees or ankles
· Fallen arches, bunions, hammertoes
· Bowed legs
· An athlete or sports enthusiast
· Uneven wearing on your shoes
Orthiotic inserts
If you have any question with regards to our orthotics/insoles please contact us to speak to one of our specialist who will advise you appropriately.

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